SEX TALKS was founded with a core mission, vision and values at heart. To bring you INCLUSIVE, EDUCATIONAL and importantly, EMPOWERING talks, discussions, workshops and interactive sessions about sex, sexual wellbeing, identity, preference, lifestyle, culture and SO MUCH MORE.

Our core values are so IMPORTANT to us that we want to share them with you. They'll be proudly displayed at each event, will shape and mould the events we produce, they'll steer our future plans and importantly guide us on EACH and EVERY decision we make, no matter how teeny weeny.

EVERYONE is WELCOME to SEX TALKS - We invite everybody to LISTEN, LEARN, DISCOVER and THRIVE - and most importantly to have fab time, surrounded by new friends.


ZERO HARASSMENT- We will NOT TOLERATE: Body Shaming, Slut Shaming, Racism, Ableism, Ageism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Xenophobia or Fat Phobia or any and all discrimination at our events. Venues we choose will ALWAYS comply with this. Period. 

TICKET TRANSPARENCY - We'll always break down the cost of our tickets - wanna know why we've chosen that price? Email us - we'll ALWAYS tell you.

NO JUDGEMENT - Our events deeply value and uphold a core message of ZERO JUDGEMENT to those speaking, guests attending our events, AND on our social and online communities and spaces.

SAFE SPACE  - Although we are aware we can not truly create a safe space for everyone we will always try. We will especially work hard to create a safe space for womxn, non binary and gender non-conformative, POC, BAME and the LGBTQI communities in Bristol. We are ALWAYS happy to listen , learn and develop this - think you can help us, please send an email.

INCLUSIVE - SEX TALKS will also NOT TOLERATE prejudice based upon class, language ability, religious beliefs or gender presentation. SEX TALKS is a space for sexual wellbeing regardless or preference, presentation or lifestyle. 

PERSONAL SPACE - At our events we request that you respect everybody's personal space and body autonomy and do not touch people unless you are consented to do so. 

PRIVACY - We respect our guests personal privacy and WILL NEVER take unsolicited photos within our spaces, we respectfully and humbly ask that guests also respect this value and refrain from taking unsolicited photos of other guests at our events.



SPEAKERS - All speakers hired by SEX TALKS will agree with, acknowledge and actively demonstrate our shared CORE VALUES.

QUALIFIED - Our speakers will be knowledgable, and demonstrate a qualified understanding of their topic. As well as having a history of speaking, training, discussing or living their talk topic.  

RESPECT  - All speakers will receive the utmost respect from SEX TALKS, our aim is to make your experience working with us professional, fun and smooth. 



WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE - We will always prioritise and choose venues that are fully wheelchair accessible, with accessible bathrooms and spaces, as well as providing comfortable and appropriate seating arrangements. Our aim is for all events to be fully wheelchair accessible by the end of 2018. 

GENDERLESS TOILETS - We want our guests to feel respected, safe and comfortable - we'll ALWAYS prioritise and aim to choose venues with genderless toilets. 

FOOD OPTIONS - We will always aim to choose and prioritise venues that serve and accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and where possible local and organic food, as well as providing non-alcoholic beverage options. 

HEARING LOOPS - Our aim is that by the end of 2018 each venue we choose will have a working hearing loop system in place, and to have fully ESL signed talks in place. We would really like to work with you to create events and spaces that our accessible to those with hearing impairments and the deaf community in Bristol. 

GUIDE DOGS - Guide dogs will ALWAYS be welcome in our choice of venue. For further information please get in touch. 

CONTACT US-  If there is any way we can make you, your partner(s), friend or family member feel more comfortable, respected and welcome at our events - PLEASE do get in contact beforehand, we'll pull out all the stops to help you. If you want any information about our venues prior to the event get in contact and we'll spill the beans. 



CORE VAUES - Although we want to nurture an online space for free discussion and debate, free from judgement, presumption and prejudice we will not tolerate posts that oppose our core values, and anyone found causing or inciting harm in any way will be blocked from our online spaces. Period. Our spaces are first and foremost safe spaces for those who share our values. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS - Where possible and necessary we will always post appropriate trigger warnings accompanying our social and online posts. 

RESPECT FOR CREATIVES - Its IMPORTANT people are credited for their work. We will always try and credit, tag, cite, an original source, creator, artist or brand where possible. We also actively encourage members of our online communities to do so too when posting on our spaces, or reposting. We also welcome online community members to help us do this - seen something we've incorrectly credited? let us know - we're pretty speedy at sorting this out. 




RESPONSIVE - We'll always aim to be fast acting and quick thinking with our responses and communication. Whether you're having an issue with tickets, or need help or advice regarding an event space or venue, or you just want to get in touch. 

TRANSPARENT- Our TICKET TRANSPARENCY policy is all about you knowing where your money is going. We're always happy to break down the prices of our tickets for you. Our aim is to run SEX TALKS as transparently as possible, we'll be publicly publishing our stats- which will include the guest demographics, and our spendings. We want to be held accountable for making sure we're reaching our audience and making it clear that we're running as a not-for-profit CIC (Community Interest Company).  


VALUING YOU - All of our guests, customers, colleagues, volunteers, collaborators and business partners will be treated with courtesy, respect, honesty and a tip top professional attitude. 

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT - We're always looking to enhance your experience as a guest at our events, as a customer on our website, as a member of our online communities and as a collaborating partner. Let us know how we're doing so we can always be on our best form.